The Chinese Language Center@Da-Yeh Unviersity (hereinafter referred to as the Center) was established since February 2013. The Center was formerly named the "Chinese Language Center" and was affiliated to the Office of Foreign Affairs as a second-level teaching division. In order to promote foreign students’ Chinese language proficiency and creating multi-employment opportunities for domestic students, Chinese Language Center was renamed "Chinese Language Teaching Center" in November 2013 and was approved by the Ministry of Education in March 2014. In November 2017, the Center was promoted as an independent first-level teaching division according to the resolution of the School Affairs Council. In May 2018, the Center was organizationally restructured according to the resolution of the School Affairs Council and was officially incorporated under the International Language Center as a second-level teaching division in August 2018. The Center is consistently devoted to reinforcing teaching resources and improving teacher professionalism in preparation for challenges and opportunities in future overseas enrollment.


The Center is persistently dedicated to maintaining high teaching quality and standards by planning exceptional Chinese language courses and creating supportive and stimulating learning environments. The Center’s education philosophies include: (1) Promoting Chinese language education to facilitate international exchanges (2) Designing exceptional Chinese language courses to ensure good learning effectiveness (3) Implementing tutoring and teacher services to offer comprehensive student care and (4) Training Chinese language teachers to promote industry-academia cooperation.



In order to realize the objective of sustainable operation and management, the Center takes the following strategies as operational guidelines: (1) Implementing comprehensive teaching quality assurance mechanism to upgrade teaching effectiveness (2) Integrating Chinese teaching internet resources to encourage self-learning (3) Offering feature Chinese language courses as foundations for holding overseas learning camps and (4) Building and extending cooperation network with overseas high schools for promotion of our programs and enrollment of prospective students.



The Center sets eyes on the following visions:

(1) Building stimulating and quality learning environment as foundations for sustainable development and management (2)Cultivating students’ global views to broaden their cross-culture international perspective and (3) Promoting and implementing comprehensive Chinese language courses to pursue quality teaching and elevated teacher professionalism.


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All faculty members have master degrees

​1. All Chineseinstructors are native speakers holding master degrees.

2. All the teachers' qualifications are approved by Ministry of Education. The teachers of the Chinese classes have the certificates of qualification to teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language.

​3. Most teachers have rich experience of teaching overseas. 

Learning Chinese and experiencing Chinese culture

​1. Culture courses are specially arranged in the teaching program, combined with festivals, offering the opportunity for students to experience the beauty of Chinese culture.

2. Culture courses include Chinese knot, Chinese opera facial painting, lanterns, Chinese chess, calligraphy, sachets, glove puppetry, Chinese kung-fu, and so on.


Learning companions offering timely assistance to students

​1. Learning companions all have English or other foreign language expertise.

2. At the beginning of the course, learning companions will be arranged to help students learn Chinese and adapt to lives in Taiwan.

We provide students with a comfortable learning environment 

​1. A spacious and well-stocked Chinese Learning Navigation Center.

2. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia and other learning facilities.

3. The center is located in the No.1 green campus of Da-Yeh University.





Office of the Chinese Language Center

Chinese Learning

Navigation Center(CLNC)

Space for tutoring and consulting


Chinese Classroom

Classroom of the Chinese learning


Chinese Classroom

Classroom of the Chinese learning


Student's lounge for relaxation and study


Student's Lounge

Teacher's space for prepare lessons

Teacher's Lounge


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