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According to the relevant regulatons of the government of the Republic of China, all foreign students who have to study for more than 15 hours a week are official students, and are thus eligible for application for Chinese learning Visa.


1. To apply for Chinese learning Visitor Visa, students are required to bring the “Enrollment Permit” issued by the CLC to the local ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overseas embassies for subsequent application procedure before arriving in Taiwan.

​2.The single-entry VisitorVisa becomes invalid after the holder’s departure from Taiwan.

3. Those who need to visit Taiwan again should apply for a new Visitor Visa as regulated.

4. Those whose Visitor Visa expires shall not apply for visa extension in Taiwan, and must re-apply for a new visa in their own countries.

​5. Visa Application:Click to go

​6. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs:Click to go

Visitor visa


1. Each visa extension must be applied within 15 days before the expiration of the visa.

2. Interior Ministry Immigration Department (Chinese version):Click to go

3. Interior Ministry Immigration Department (English version):Click to go

Vistor Visa

and Alien




1. Residence Visa Application: Student holding the Visitor shall apply for their Resident Visa after four consecutive months’ of learning with excellent academic performance and after completing the school registration procedure for the next semester.​

2. Once a Resident Visa is obtained, please apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) within 15 days at the local Service Center of National Immigration Agency.

3. Those whose Visitor Visa expires shall not apply for visa extension in Taiwan, and must re-apply for a new visa in their own countries.

4. Visa Application:Click to go

5. Foreign students applying for residence visa instructions (Chinese version):Click to go

6. Resident Visas for Foreign Students(English Version):Click to go

7. International students applying for a AlienResidence Certificate (ARC) procedures:Click to go

8. ARC application form:Click to go

9. Photo requirements:Click to go

10. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs:Click to go

11. Interior Ministry Immigration Department (Chinese version):Click to go

12. Interior Ministry Immigration Department (English):Click to go


Browse the website of Student Services and Dormitory Division for more information Click to go

On campus

1. Four-willingness Student Dormitory(四肯學舍) Introduction video on YouTube

2.Da-Yeh Student Dormitory(大葉學舍Introduction video on YouTube

​3. Yecin (Diligence) Student Dormitory(業勤學舍Introduction video on YouTube

4. Lecyun (Happiness&Cooperation) Student Dormitory(樂群學舍) Introduction video on YouTube

Off campus

1. Students’ living security is highly emphasized by the school. Therefore, off-campus private dormitories are routinely checked by the school.Thosereceiveing high security grading will receive the”Off-campus” Dormitory Security Certification”as reference for students.​

2. The average dormitory renting fees are NT $ 3,000 to $ 5,000, subject to the quality of living conditions and housing facility. 3000~5,000 yuan.

3. For more renting information , please check the following website:Click to go


Students are advised to arrange their own insurance before coming to Taiwan. It is recommended that students apply for accident insurance and medical insurance to ensure their personal security during stay in Taiwan.




1. Eligibility: hold a residence permit and to stay at least 6 months Foreign students, all should participate in the National Health Insurance.

2. Please bring yourARC, passport, and insurance application form to the district office of your place for National Health Insurance application.

3. Please bring your ARC, insurance application form and a two-inch photo to the Central Health Insurance Bureau Taipei branch for the insurance coverage application.

4. Premiums is NT $ 750 permonth and should be paid every two months. The actual insurance premium is subject to the local authorities and the applicants’ personal conditions.

Work Permit

Eligibility: Students who learn Chinese in Taiwan for at least one year are eligible for applying for work permits, which entitle holders to work for a maximum of six months(excluding the winter and summer vacation, 20 hours/per week).

Required Documents

1. Work permit application forms:Click to go

2. Student card photocopy (directly pasted on the application form) and a certificate in school.

3. Transcripts of Chinese learning in Taiwan for at lest one year. Transfer students who study in DYU for less than one year should provide their transcript of Chinese learning in other educarional institutions as regulated.

4. A copy of valid passport

5. Other relevant documents (please provide at least one of the following):

(a.) Documents to prove students’ inability to maintain life or continue study due to financial matters.

(b.) Document prepared by the department as supporting evidence for students’ need to work in Taiwan

(c.) Document to prove students’ internship participation.

(d.) For more information ,please check the following website:Click to go

Campus Life


Changhua has a pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of about 22 ℃ and average minimum temperature of about 12-17 ℃. The temperature in the summer is about 33 ℃(May to September); In the winter(December to February),the temperature difference between day and night is huge, with daytime up to 27 ℃ and night time down to 18 ℃.


Taiwan's voltage is 110 volts, 60 hz


1. Currency used in Taiwan is NT $ (NTD). NT dollars exchange exchange about 1: 30 to 33.

2. New Taiwan Dollar bill denomination is 2,000 , 1,000 , 500 , 200 and 100.

3. New Taiwan Dollar coin denomination is 50, 10, 5 and 1.

4. The average living expense in Changhua is NT $ 5,000 per month to $ 13,000.

Bank account

1. Student who hold the ARC and live in Taiwan shall apply for an bank account.

2. Required documents: a. passport b. ARC c. Seal (Chinese or English)

Da-Yeh Postal Service

1. Postal Service

2. Location: Administration Building 1st floor(A104)

3. Open hours: 8:00-17:00

4. Phone Number: 04-851-1888 ext. 1072

5. Website: Click to go

Dacun Post Office

1. Postal and financial services

2. Address: No.2, Daxi Rd, Dacun Township, Changhua County 515, Taiwan (ROC).

3. Opening hours: 8: 30-17: 30

4. Phone Number: 04-852-2774

5. Website:Click to to

Survival Handbook

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